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June 18, 201801:38 PM
@_FearNone21 Hello KoyBB! We can definitely take a look at the device and see what we can do! What is your postal c…
June 18, 201811:49 AM
@LillianDStreets Hello Lillian! We apologize for the experiences you had! Our team would like to discuss this situa…
June 18, 201811:40 AM
@itscayla_ Thank you for your feedback! We will pass along to kudos!
June 18, 201811:39 AM
@samkretchmer Thank you for your feedback! What location did you get your device repaired at so we can pass along the great news?
June 15, 201802:23 PM
@JoeCalder1 Hey Joe, We are so sorry to say but we've contacted all of the stores in the greater Chicago area and u…
June 15, 201801:53 PM
@JoeCalder1 Hey Joe! We're happy to check part availability on your area as we are still experiencing a worldwide p…
June 15, 201809:54 AM
@IamStevetheTech We'll see what we can do! Or at least try to get a time frame for you!
June 14, 201812:18 PM
@IamStevetheTech We appreciate your continued patience as we work to get parts as soon as possible. May I have your…
June 14, 201812:06 PM
@CompBullSheet Hello Marcus! Our apologies for the experience you had! Our team would like to hear from you so we c…
June 13, 201805:12 PM
@YouGOt_this @jadapsmith He's the Fresh Prince of UBIF
June 13, 201803:21 PM
@CoryAddi Thank you for your reply! What is the model number on the device?
June 13, 201802:31 PM
@JEP2500 We apologize for the inconvenience and miscommunication you experienced with us. Unfortunately, we were un…
June 12, 201802:25 PM
@grahamdavis @mccannr1 @Google @madebygoogle @wirecutter Things are in the works! Give us a call so we can hammer o…
June 12, 201801:39 PM
@JEP2500 We're so sorry to hear about your experience with us John. We'd love to hear more about what's going on so…
June 12, 201812:03 PM
@CoryAddi That is a very good question! Postal code? We'll see what we can do as far as parts availability goes!
June 12, 201810:41 AM
@Lisa77298323 Hello Lisa- We would like to express our apologies once again for your experience. It looks like your…
June 12, 201810:30 AM
@ToshJodd Just give us a call with your address and we'll get that sent over ASAP! If you're still having issues wi…
June 12, 201810:28 AM
@nfoust412 We're always happy to take a look! What's your postal code? We'll see what store in your area is most co…
June 12, 201810:23 AM
@ToshJodd We weren't able to send a DM but give us a call at (877)320-2237. The team is aware of how to route your…
June 12, 201810:19 AM
@ToshJodd We are so sorry for your experience. I did just speak with the store and we are more than happy to provid…
June 11, 201806:11 PM
@ToshJodd Hey Josh! We would love the opportunity to turn that thumbs down into a thumbs up! Please give us a call at (877)-320-2237
June 11, 201804:27 PM
@ivelissah1 Hello, we apologize for the experience you had at one of our locations. We strive for 100% customer sat…
June 11, 201802:15 PM
@Induisi Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately, we are unable to source the parts needed for that repair. Apologies for the inconvenience.
June 11, 201801:10 PM
@grahamdavis @mccannr1 @Google @madebygoogle @wirecutter We're looking at about one more week! Fingers crossed! Lik…
June 11, 201811:47 AM
@datboy143 Super super sorry! Unfortunately, we can't repair those yet since its an international model! We recomme…
June 11, 201811:45 AM
@Induisi We can see! It mostly depends on part availability. What series and size? And what's your postal code?
June 11, 201811:44 AM
@Calabrese098 With older devices, they can be more expensive to repair than replace based on the parts cost, unfort…
January 25, 201810:22 AM
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January 25, 201810:21 AM
uBreakiFix uBreakiFix (6205 Coit Rd Suite 336 Plano, TX 75024) updated their profile picture.

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6205 Coit Rd, Suite 336
Plano, TX 75024

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